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Aug 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
in 1978, when don stephens of texas started a charity that he calls mercy ships. so how did you find this ship? >> don stephens: we found her in denmark. she was a rail ferry. >> pelley: "africa mercy" replaced three earlier vessels, and stephens says that, over 35 years, hundreds of thousands of patients have been aboard his ships. where does the money come from? >> stephens: we've got corporate sponsors that we couldn't do what we do without them. secondly, by the crew themselves. we have a unique business model. we charge everyone for the privilege of volunteering. >> pelley: and you pay them nothing? >> stephens: everyone pays their own way. >> pelley: doctors, nurses and crew pay their own way with donations from home, mostly from churches. >> would it be okay if we pray with you? >> pelley: you're often reminded onboard that this is a christian charity... >> chandra: god, you are good. >> parker: we pray for your protection over her. >> and we pray for a complete recovery. >> pelley: ...a charity that treats patients of any faith. >> amen. >> pelley: west africa is a territory
Aug 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
rampage at fort hood, texas, that left 13 dead. he had become the operational leader of al qaeda in yemen and was in the midst of planning more attacks. morten storm was one of the few people awlaki trusted. what he didn't know was that storm had become a double agent working for danish intelligence and their partners, the c.i.a., who wanted awlaki dead. >> morten storm: at that moment now, anwar needed to die by any means. he needed to be stopped. that was... >> logan: even though he was your friend? friend. he was a person i needed to get close to to stop his evil in him. >> logan: how dangerous do you think he was? >> storm: very dangerous. >> logan: the two first met in yemen in 2006 when storm, a muslim convert from denmark, was as radical as awlaki. what did you think of him the first time you met him? >> storm: very kind person. you know, his character was... how... what do you call it, a joyful character. >> logan: did you two get on well from the beginning? >> storm: from the very first minutes. >> logan: and so you became friends? >> storm: yes. i liked him because of his views
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2